Have you heard of platelet antigen alloimmunization during pregnancy?

About 2% of pregnant women are at risk of platelet antigen incompatibility between mother and fetus, which leads to platelet alloimmunization. Platelet alloimmunization occurs when the mother's body forms antibodies in reaction to antigens that are different from her own. This may lead to fetal/neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia. HPA-1a antigen testing is the first step to finding out whether platelet alloimmunization is possible or not..
As part of PREVFNAIT research project financed by Polish-Norwegian scientific co-operation the test is now available free for women from Warsaw and surrounding areas who are in 8-20 gestation week.

Join the program in four easy steps:

1. If you live in Warsaw and are 8-20 weeks pregnant, download and print the Declaration of Informed Consent
2. Complete and sign the Declaration of Informed Consent
3. Make a reservation (on this website) for blood collection at the Institute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine or report to Diagnostyka collection premises
4. Be sure to take the completed Declaration of Informed Consent and the " pregnancy card " ( No need to be on an empty stomach) .